Traveling to Italy and learning a few Italian Frasi

Frasi? What the heck is that? When you’re a South African you tend to think you seen and heard it all since we live in a country where so many diverse cultures interact. “Frasi” is just a word for describing quotes or phrases in Italian. Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here; let’s back up for a second.

pisa tower italy frasi post image

It’s 2017 and maybe it’s time for me to start traveling again. This time I want to stay away from the usual South African destinations and see a bit of Europe. I heard Italy is nice this time of year? Needless to say I haven’t done any research into Italy, but instead I’ve just been searching around the internet for funny things I could find about this country. I was trying to immerse myself into their culture, their way of talking, eating and having fun. Isn’t that what traveling is about anyway?

Everyone knows Italy is beautiful, even someone like me who knows almost next to nothing about it and just got the random idea of making a trip out of it. This article on “10 Unforgettable Reasons Why You Should Travel To Italy” almost made me want to jump on an airplane right now!

This video will definitely give you a better understanding of the Italian culture. The presenter approaches traveling to Italy a whole different way than you would expect, but it’s very educating.

Besides wanting to go Italy real bad all over again now that I saw that article and video the real inspiration behind this post was actually “frasi” – that strange Italian word I mentioned earlier. Like I said I like to surf online and see where I end up for some inspiration and I that was when I found Sifor. There isn’t much spectacular about this website, but they have many pages on Italian phrases or “Frasi Tumblr” as they like to call it. It seems that is the birthplace of a lot of these Italian quotes.

Apart from the fact that I can only understand very little of the language the site is very patriotically in supporting anything from Italian news groups, promoting literature like “frasi” and even some local businesses. I really liked the section where they showcase a ton of different quotes. Italians seem to be very passionate people as they’ve got phrases on friendship, love, rap, life and more. I feel it helps me understand the culture better and who knows maybe I can pick up a few words before heading over to Italy. If you’re interested in traveling to Italy or the Italian language in any way I quick scroll through all the “frasi” they have can be enlightening.

Lecce, Italy

Lecceprima Italy news

Furthermore what I discovered is a news post or review on  It’s a very popular news website in Italy and even though I don’t really care as much about the news in the province of Lecce it does help you see what is going on over there. It also gave me the idea of checking out a few other Italian news websites to see what’s going on in the areas I want to visit. If you want to visit Lecce take a few minutes and scroll through or read the post critica from Sifor.

So after all this amazing travel articles / videos, weird phrases (frasi) and random news websites (Lecce Prima) have I convinced you to visit Italy?

I’m convinced…

Is it possible to diet when traveling?

Have you ever been on holiday whilst trying to diet? I personally don’t like dieting very much, maybe I’m not alone so doing it while traveling seems like a real drag. Why am I writing about this and not another beautiful South African location? The reason is every now and then I like to spice things up, write about different topics and see how my readers react.

This time I’m jotting down some notes on following a specific diet whilst on holiday. I got introduced to a few South African diets when I visited the Sante Wellness Health Blog the other day. They have a few articles on diets and different methods to lose weight which are popular in South Africa so I thought why not merge it with traveling? It seemed like a great idea at the time so I decided to move away from the traditional and try something new.

Here’s a video from Dr. Axe on how to eat healthy or follow a healthy diet while traveling:

The thing is, following a specific diet when you’re on holiday isn’t something that each and every person would be able to do. I personally think it would require insane amounts of dedication and will power to stay away from specific foods and keep your body active if that is what the program requires. According to the Sante Wellness blog and there article on the 13 day metabolism diet you can actually help your body burn fat by increasing your metabolism by eating specific foods.

This seems doable on its own. I mean if you went to the Garden Route for your December holiday during one of South Africa’s sunniest months you’re going to be very active. I know for fact that one of my friends normally loses weight during the December holidays just from being really active during that time. Just remember: he isn’t the world’s most active guy during most of the year so any exercise is probably a lot for him. If your diet, like the 13 day diet mentioned, focuses on your eating habits it might be more doable than you think. However it will probably still depend on what you’re used to eating when on holiday and what the people around you will be eating.

If you’re supposed to starve yourself it might be hard to follow that diet for any South African during the December holidays. Besides it being hard, who want to spend a holiday worrying about food – you want to relax and enjoy yourself!

What do you think? Have you ever tried to follow a diet whilst being on holiday and were you successful in doing so? Do you have any tips for people trying to do the same? Please send us an email and tell us how!

Here’s a few tips from to help you stick to your goals:

Your best destinations in SA – Write For Us!

I’d like to try something else with Villa Tuscana in 2016. My initial plans were for a bunch of my friends to help create content for the blog but I haven’t been able to convince them to participate just yet. Now I’m reaching out to all my website visitors. The website has been slowly and steadily getting more traffic and now’s probably the best time to do this. If you like traveling in South Africa or even just traveling in general would you like to write a blog post or two telling us about your travel adventures?


If this is something you’d like to do I will give you full credit by adding your name and link to your social media profile or even website at the end of the post. I will allow each person to do 1-2 posts on our website. However please remember to keep your blog posts safe for people of all ages, very positive and if possible about South Africa!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with and the stories you like to share with us. Please get in touch here for more information. Also remember to add the title of your posts, better yet contact me with your travel post title before writing it!

Thanks again

Amazing events in and around George

You’ll notice that I have a love for the Western Cape, especially the Garden Route. I’ve always imagined retiring to some coastal city, around the Garden Route area one day. George is situated in middle of all this magnificent beauty and close to everything so it’s a great place to live in. It’s one of the bigger cities in the area with Mosselbay and Knysna being top contenders. However in this post I’ll show you why the Garden Route is a must see and some of the great events taking place in George and the rest of the area throughout 2016.

George Old Car Show

If you love classic cars this event is a must! The George Old Car Show has been going for over 20 years and this year is scheduled during valentine’s weekend, so it’s a great way to spend time with a loved one. There will be something for everyone with a selection of old, new, classic and vintage cars on display.

KKNK (Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees)

The KKNK is one of the most popular Afrikaans arts & music festivals in South Africa and is hosted in Oudshoorn, roughly 60 minutes’ drive from George. This festival has been going on for decades and annually hosts around 1000 artists with thousands of people flocking to the area to see performances and have a good time.


Redberry Farm Strawberry Festival

If you like great food and enjoying amazing sceneries this festival is just for you. Every year during September the Redberry farm hosts a strawberry festival where guests can indulge in excellent food, strawberry eating competitions and for those that like to stay active, a trail run and bike ride in the beautiful surrounds.


Knysna Oyster Festival

Knysna is a very beautiful and popular coastal city along the Garden Route. This city also has a love for seafood, especially oysters! During the July holidays visitors can enjoy the Pick & Pay Knysna Oyster Festival where guests will be entertained with a serious of mini events and fun for the whole family. If you love seafood, this isn’t an event you should miss. Knysna is also home to beautiful hiking trails and lush jungles so you’ll have plenty to do!


Frankly there are so many events taking place in George and the rest of the Garden Route that I could probably create a whole new website about it. Instead I’ll leave you to find out more for yourself, so if you’d like to find out more visit the Garden Route events section here. One thing is for sure: when you visit George and the Garden Route you’ll have the time of your life! For more great posts visit our home page here.

New Years at the beach!

I know it’s a bit late, a month to be exact but let me tell you about my new years’ experience! Remember I mentioned that as a kid we would visit the Garden Route, including Mosselbay, Hartenbos, Kleinbrak and all those little beaches over December holidays? Well this year my wishes came true, or actually in 2015, when I visited the same spots for holiday and the best thing was all my old holiday friends were there as well.

It was an unforgettable holiday with things being and happening exactly like they should and how I remembered them. We stayed in Hartenbos most of the time but made a point of if to visit most of the surrounding beaches and enjoy as much of the area as possible. We visited Mosselbay (there are some great restaurants and bars near the docks), Glentana with it’s unforgettable ocean and scary beach and off course Victoria Bay (one of my favorite beaches of all time). During our stay the weather was near perfect (sometimes to perfect) and water was amazing.

However every time I’ve been there for holiday somewhere before the end of the year the question arises: “What are we going to do for New Year’s?” I’ve gotten accustomed to not really caring that much about the date because it felt like if you were planning too much, had high expectations and the night ended badly I would normally be disappointed.

As the end came close and it was the 31st of December we decided to join a bunch of friends at their beach house right on the beach at Bayview (small suburb of Hartenbos). We arrived pretty late, at around 10:00 that night as we had to walk which felt like 1km with a cool box loaded with way too much alcohol. When we arrived we started partying, having fun and at one point I thought the night would end being just another boring new year’s party. However…

While I was too a friend I saw in a distance behind them was something which looked like a slippery slide going down the hill at another house. I asked around if everyone were seeing the same thing just to make sure I didn’t have too much to drink. After the clock struck 12 and all the happy New Year wishes were over I got the group together and told them that we should all go down the slide.

There were already people going down the slide and it looked amazing and a bit scary, but what the heck? Naturally a few friends declined but we decided to go down anyway. It was amazing! The ride was so extreme that one guy broke his foot and my friend almost broke his finger. At the end of the night was went swimming and partied till late that morning…

That’s exactly how your new years should be spend: Having fun with friends, trying something new and making memories!

Visiting the southernmost point in Africa

Have you ever given any thought to where the southernmost part in Africa is? Actually, it’s in South Africa at a place called Cape Agulhas. I have to be honest, this really isn’t one of my favorite destinations in South Africa, none the less I know some people are very fond of this area so I thought I should share some information with you.

History of Agulhas

Agulhas is the southernmost part of South Africa and a beautiful peaceful location near the ocean.The area is rich in maritime history and has been serving ships ever since 1847 when the light house was built. The ocean surrounding Agulhas is very dangerous with strong currents, unpredictable weather, ragged coastlines and huge waves which some say can go up to 30 meters. You can imagine that a few hundred years ago this would have been a nightmare destination for ships to visit. When I decided to research the history of this area I came across an article indicating that over 150 ships have sunk in and around the area between Agulhas and Cape Town. This was many years ago, technologies have since advanced and casualties decreased but the light house have stood the test of time and can till this day be seen at Agulhas.

Read about the rest of Agulhas’ history here.

What to do in the area?

I used to visit Agulhas when my friend invited me to his beach house in Struisbaai seeing as it was only a few minute’s drive away. At the time I was there, there weren’t much going on and it was during winter so it was relatively cold. I immediately had a slightly negative opinion about the area, however one forgets how blessed you are to live in such a beautiful country like South Africa. After writing this post I decided it needed a refresher and realized the area has a lot more to offer than I initially expected.

Although Agulhas is a small little town it boasts beautiful scenery, wail watching during the year, a vibrant history and the typical South African beach culture. One can go for a hike in the surrounding mountains, walk along the beach, eat fresh seafood and have a great time. Also, who doesn’t want their photo taken at the southern most point in Africa? It’s always great to say: “I’ve been there”.

So if you love the ocean, a town that is rich in history and want to visit a world famous light house, Agulhas is the place for you. Like I mentioned before, it’s also very close to Struisbaai which is a great beach destination during the summer months.

Here are some pictures of the area:


Here’s what the travel channel has to say:

Read more great travel posts at our home page here Villa Tuscana Travel Blog.

How to save money when traveling

Something that brings us all together at some point in time is an opinion on saving money whilst traveling. If your like me and haven’t always been financially secure or rich for that matter chances are you try to some money wherever you can when going traveling. It’s often times hard to this without compromising on the travel adventure / experience but if you stay dedicated and disciplined it’s totally possible.

Now I’m not saying you should go traveling on a shoe string budget because odds are the guy with more money might enjoy somethings a little better than you. It probably comes down to your tolerance for taking things as they come and being thankful for whatever you get. If you travel with the right mindset you can enjoy almost any situation / travel adventure, almost…

I was looking for a video to give you some tips and although most people create videos about “how to save money for traveling” which is also good I managed to find a suitable one for you below.

The Private Jet Experience

I’m busy working on a few great posts that I just now my readers will like. Also and hopefully my friends will also come through with some excellent travel stories soon. Today’s post is a short one… If you’ve read some of my other posts you probably remembered that I talked about buying a private jet or more realistically flying in one. Although that dream has not came true I still hope to experience it one day. For now I’m stuck with watching YouTube videos and reading travel magazines.

I found a video about a special travel experience called the “Legend experience” where you get to fly to world renowned locations in the four seasons private jet. If you’re not wowed after this video then there is something wrong with you…

Hiking through the Knysna bush

Part myth, part legend and 100% breathtaking… Knysna is a place where legend where literally born. Many South African writer have written stories about this area and its greatness. In my previous post I spoke about the Garden Route and how I’ve been visiting it with my family since I was a little kid. Another area down the coast that every person should visit is Knysna.


To be more specific you should go on a 3 day hiking trip in Knysna. If you have an idea how the rain forest looks, this is how Knysna looks. Its one of the most relaxing and beautifull places on and depending on how you pack your backpack it might be the best hike ever.

See what I mean below:

I’m finding it hard to explain the Knysna bush. When I went on the hiking trip I was only 18 years old and things might have been a lot different then. The trip was about 30 km in length and we did it over the period of 2 days. I was a really tough hiking trip as I was inexperienced and didn’t really know how to pack my bags and all the tricks of the trade. None the less it was an amazing experience, one every South African and traveler should experience.

The most beautiful coast line in South Africa…

Every year I make a point of it not only to go on an overseas trip, if possible, but to visit the garden route. When I’m talking about the Garden Route I’m referring to Hartenbos, Klein Brak, Mosselbay, Victoria Bay, Knysna and more. Since a little kid me and my parents have been visiting this area and ever since I’ve been in love with it’s beauty.


This is a must for every traveler visiting South Africa. Forget about the West Coast or visiting the Drakensberge. Those areas are great but if your looking for real natural beauty and somewhere to enjoy the sand between your toes and catch a few great waves the Garden Route’s the place to be. Every year after visiting I come back home feeling more relaxed than ever. I always ask myself what’s stopping me from moving their permanently but I’m afraid it will lose it’s charm if I’m there to often.

So if your looking for one of the best beach destinations in South Africa do yourself a favor and visit Victoria Bay on a nice sunny day. Vic Bay is about 20 minutes from George which is approximately a 4-5 hour drive from Cape Town. Take a look at this amazing location here:

Flying to best possible locations in the worst possible way – I wish I could buy a private Jet!

A few years ago I was on my way to America. It was probably the first proper travel adventure I was supposed to have in my life, however little did I know it wouldn’t start off as great. It was a month long trip where I was going to visit a bunch of great locations in America including Sand Diego, Los Angeles, New York and more. However in order for this adventure to start I had to first get their via the cheapest flight possible, the dreadful economy class.

finding a private jet for sale in south africa

Previously I did fly in an airplane but never over such long periods and I really wasn’t prepared for it. At that time my inexperienced meant that I was scared at the idea of turbulence and with that flight we had the most turbulence I ever experienced. It was the kind of thing that woke most people up during night, the light start to flash and they tell you to buckle up and prepare for the worst. Besides that I was not sitting very comfortably and kept thinking that there has to be a better way to travel.

This gave me the idea of owning my own private jet (I was dead serious). At that time I was living in a bit of a dream world and did not make feasible expectations for myself. None the less I started looking for a private jet for sale in South Africa and started seeing some prices that shocked me. I mean most jets go for $500 0000 to $1 000 000 and some even a lot more… So back to square one I thought…Besides those high price points I couldn’t find as much jet prices but kept on finding Cessna airplanes (small 2-6 seat airplanes which seem very popular) and a lot of helicopters for sale. I decided to try a different route and instead of looking for private jets for sale I tried finding out what it costs to fly in one.

Private jet charters at that time cost about 10 times what my normal economy class ticket cost me. Looking at it now, I see that you can get a plain chartered for anything from R70000 and up depending on the type of journey I assume. At that point in time reality kicked in and I asked myself how many locations I could travel to for that kind of money. I soon realized that I would not be flying in private jets soon and economy class is the only way to go, at least for now.

Lesson learned: when traveling doesn’t so such a snob, learn to be thankful, patient and enjoy every moment and experience!

Amazing Safaris and game farms for sale in Limpopo

Although this title might be somewhat confusing allow me to elaborate and please keep in mind that I’m still busy getting the hang of the blogging thing. One thing that draws a lot of tourists to South Africa is Safaris. Luckily I have a few friend in the Game farm industry so I had the opportunity to visit some amazing game farms in Limpopo at great rates.

Game farms in Limpopo

Those game farms adventures were pretty amazing and I’m finding it hard to describe. It was probably one the most relaxed, tranquil and amazing times of my life. Seeing all those animals and great landscapes just reminded me that we live in a beautiful country. My international friends usually freak out they tell me they are going on a safari and before I was reminded of its beauty I never took them serious.

I’ve always wondered what it would cost to own a game farm so while I was on my South African safari adventure I got to talking with one of the game drive staff there and asked him what it costs to own a game farm. Initially I expected it to be a lot of money but when he mentioned that some farms cost R10 000 000 and up, and these were just small farms, I was feeling pretty satisfied with myself that I was able to enjoy that holiday at the price I was able to.

Although I’m not a big fan of hunting here’s a video about a local Limpopo game farm:

Sharing Our Travel Adventures

Don’t you just love to travel? Unfortunately due to a busy life I didn’t get much opportunity to travel in the past few years but I’ve at least be in a few different countries before. Luckily or unfortunately I have a few friends that are frequent travelers, ranging from Americans to British and even some Chinese. I love traveling and they do as well so we decided to create a travel blog where we can share all our experiences. For the sake of this blog there will be only one writer but in reality there will be a lot of people sharing their stories here. We’re not sure if we’ll be keeping it anonymous or not, probably depends on how hectic the stories will get.

Villa Tuscana Travel Blog

Hopefully everyone will stick to some family friendly travel adventures – I might have to scan through each story before posting it here just to make sure. You never know whose mom or dad might read our travel story and ask who wrote. That could get awkward…

As this is a South African website I told my friends that I’d like to open the blog up with a few posts on South African travel adventures. Please keep in mind that none of us are real writers, we’re just trying this out so if the story isn’t that great please don’t hate us. So here’s what you can expect to come:

  • Epic adventures from Safari’s on game farms in South Africa
  • Flying to the best locations in the worst possible way
  • Climbing to the top of table mountain
  • Visiting one of Cape Town’s top beaches that turned out to be a lot colder than we thought
  • And much more…