About The Blog

Do you love to travel and share your travel adventures? Well then this might be the place for you! We are a group of traveling friends who been all over the world and want to share our stories with you. Originally from South Africa I will act as the main blogger for this website and hopefully everyone will not share some stories every now and then. We’re going to try and keep the blog as anonymous as possible, just because it’s easier that way. We’re still considering whether we’d like to open the site up to the public and have them write for us. If you have a great story to share, can write a decent article and have tons of pictures contact us and who know’s maybe we’ll feature you on our travel blog!

To find out more about this blog and the original idea we had you can start by reading this post:


Or you can read all the posts I’ve written recently about my South African travel adventures here.

Happy travels!