Amazing Safaris and game farms for sale in Limpopo

Although this title might be somewhat confusing allow me to elaborate and please keep in mind that I’m still busy getting the hang of the blogging thing. One thing that draws a lot of tourists to South Africa is Safaris. Luckily I have a few friend in the Game farm industry so I had the opportunity to visit some amazing game farms in Limpopo at great rates.

Game farms in Limpopo

Those game farms adventures were pretty amazing and I’m finding it hard to describe. It was probably one the most relaxed, tranquil and amazing times of my life. Seeing all those animals and great landscapes just reminded me that we live in a beautiful country. My international friends usually freak out they tell me they are going on a safari and before I was reminded of its beauty I never took them serious.

I’ve always wondered what it would cost to own a game farm so while I was on my South African safari adventure I got to talking with one of the game drive staff there and asked him what it costs to own a game farm. Initially I expected it to be a lot of money but when he mentioned that some farms cost R10 000 000 and up, and these were just small farms, I was feeling pretty satisfied with myself that I was able to enjoy that holiday at the price I was able to.

Although I’m not a big fan of hunting here’s a video about a local Limpopo game farm: