How to save money when traveling

Something that brings us all together at some point in time is an opinion on saving money whilst traveling. If your like me and haven’t always been financially secure or rich for that matter chances are you try to some money wherever you can when going traveling. It’s often times hard to this without compromising on the travel adventure / experience but if you stay dedicated and disciplined it’s totally possible.

Now I’m not saying you should go traveling on a shoe string budget because odds are the guy with more money might enjoy somethings a little better than you. It probably comes down to your tolerance for taking things as they come and being thankful for whatever you get. If you travel with the right mindset you can enjoy almost any situation / travel adventure, almost…

I was looking for a video to give you some tips and although most people create videos about “how to save money for traveling” which is also good I managed to find a suitable one for you below.