Traveling to Italy and learning a few Italian Frasi

Frasi? What the heck is that? When you’re a South African you tend to think you seen and heard it all since we live in a country where so many diverse cultures interact. “Frasi” is just a word for describing quotes or phrases in Italian. Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here; let’s back up for a second.

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It’s 2017 and maybe it’s time for me to start traveling again. This time I want to stay away from the usual South African destinations and see a bit of Europe. I heard Italy is nice this time of year? Needless to say I haven’t done any research into Italy, but instead I’ve just been searching around the internet for funny things I could find about this country. I was trying to immerse myself into their culture, their way of talking, eating and having fun. Isn’t that what traveling is about anyway?

Everyone knows Italy is beautiful, even someone like me who knows almost next to nothing about it and just got the random idea of making a trip out of it. This article on “10 Unforgettable Reasons Why You Should Travel To Italy” almost made me want to jump on an airplane right now!

This video will definitely give you a better understanding of the Italian culture. The presenter approaches traveling to Italy a whole different way than you would expect, but it’s very educating.

Besides wanting to go Italy real bad all over again now that I saw that article and video the real inspiration behind this post was actually “frasi” – that strange Italian word I mentioned earlier. Like I said I like to surf online and see where I end up for some inspiration and I that was when I found Sifor. There isn’t much spectacular about this website, but they have many pages on Italian phrases or “Frasi Tumblr” as they like to call it. It seems that is the birthplace of a lot of these Italian quotes.

Apart from the fact that I can only understand very little of the language the site is very patriotically in supporting anything from Italian news groups, promoting literature like “frasi” and even some local businesses. I really liked the section where they showcase a ton of different quotes. Italians seem to be very passionate people as they’ve got phrases on friendship, love, rap, life and more. I feel it helps me understand the culture better and who knows maybe I can pick up a few words before heading over to Italy. If you’re interested in traveling to Italy or the Italian language in any way I quick scroll through all the “frasi” they have can be enlightening.

Lecce, Italy

Lecceprima Italy news

Furthermore what I discovered is a news post or review on  It’s a very popular news website in Italy and even though I don’t really care as much about the news in the province of Lecce it does help you see what is going on over there. It also gave me the idea of checking out a few other Italian news websites to see what’s going on in the areas I want to visit. If you want to visit Lecce take a few minutes and scroll through or read the post critica from Sifor.

So after all this amazing travel articles / videos, weird phrases (frasi) and random news websites (Lecce Prima) have I convinced you to visit Italy?

I’m convinced…