Is it possible to diet when traveling?

Have you ever been on holiday whilst trying to diet? I personally don’t like dieting very much, maybe I’m not alone so doing it while traveling seems like a real drag. Why am I writing about this and not another beautiful South African location? The reason is every now and then I like to spice things up, write about different topics and see how my readers react.

This time I’m jotting down some notes on following a specific diet whilst on holiday. I got introduced to a few South African diets when I visited the Sante Wellness Health Blog the other day. They have a few articles on diets and different methods to lose weight which are popular in South Africa so I thought why not merge it with traveling? It seemed like a great idea at the time so I decided to move away from the traditional and try something new.

Here’s a video from Dr. Axe on how to eat healthy or follow a healthy diet while traveling:

The thing is, following a specific diet when you’re on holiday isn’t something that each and every person would be able to do. I personally think it would require insane amounts of dedication and will power to stay away from specific foods and keep your body active if that is what the program requires. According to the Sante Wellness blog and there article on the 13 day metabolism diet you can actually help your body burn fat by increasing your metabolism by eating specific foods.

This seems doable on its own. I mean if you went to the Garden Route for your December holiday during one of South Africa’s sunniest months you’re going to be very active. I know for fact that one of my friends normally loses weight during the December holidays just from being really active during that time. Just remember: he isn’t the world’s most active guy during most of the year so any exercise is probably a lot for him. If your diet, like the 13 day diet mentioned, focuses on your eating habits it might be more doable than you think. However it will probably still depend on what you’re used to eating when on holiday and what the people around you will be eating.

If you’re supposed to starve yourself it might be hard to follow that diet for any South African during the December holidays. Besides it being hard, who want to spend a holiday worrying about food – you want to relax and enjoy yourself!

What do you think? Have you ever tried to follow a diet whilst being on holiday and were you successful in doing so? Do you have any tips for people trying to do the same? Please send us an email and tell us how!

Here’s a few tips from to help you stick to your goals: