Visiting the southernmost point in Africa

Have you ever given any thought to where the southernmost part in Africa is? Actually, it’s in South Africa at a place called Cape Agulhas. I have to be honest, this really isn’t one of my favorite destinations in South Africa, none the less I know some people are very fond of this area so I thought I should share some information with you.

History of Agulhas

Agulhas is the southernmost part of South Africa and a beautiful peaceful location near the ocean.The area is rich in maritime history and has been serving ships ever since 1847 when the light house was built. The ocean surrounding Agulhas is very dangerous with strong currents, unpredictable weather, ragged coastlines and huge waves which some say can go up to 30 meters. You can imagine that a few hundred years ago this would have been a nightmare destination for ships to visit. When I decided to research the history of this area I came across an article indicating that over 150 ships have sunk in and around the area between Agulhas and Cape Town. This was many years ago, technologies have since advanced and casualties decreased but the light house have stood the test of time and can till this day be seen at Agulhas.

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What to do in the area?

I used to visit Agulhas when my friend invited me to his beach house in Struisbaai seeing as it was only a few minute’s drive away. At the time I was there, there weren’t much going on and it was during winter so it was relatively cold. I immediately had a slightly negative opinion about the area, however one forgets how blessed you are to live in such a beautiful country like South Africa. After writing this post I decided it needed a refresher and realized the area has a lot more to offer than I initially expected.

Although Agulhas is a small little town it boasts beautiful scenery, wail watching during the year, a vibrant history and the typical South African beach culture. One can go for a hike in the surrounding mountains, walk along the beach, eat fresh seafood and have a great time. Also, who doesn’t want their photo taken at the southern most point in Africa? It’s always great to say: “I’ve been there”.

So if you love the ocean, a town that is rich in history and want to visit a world famous light house, Agulhas is the place for you. Like I mentioned before, it’s also very close to Struisbaai which is a great beach destination during the summer months.

Here are some pictures of the area:


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