Flying to best possible locations in the worst possible way – I wish I could buy a private Jet!

A few years ago I was on my way to America. It was probably the first proper travel adventure I was supposed to have in my life, however little did I know it wouldn’t start off as great. It was a month long trip where I was going to visit a bunch of great locations in America including Sand Diego, Los Angeles, New York and more. However in order for this adventure to start I had to first get their via the cheapest flight possible, the dreadful economy class.

finding a private jet for sale in south africa

Previously I did fly in an airplane but never over such long periods and I really wasn’t prepared for it. At that time my inexperienced meant that I was scared at the idea of turbulence and with that flight we had the most turbulence I ever experienced. It was the kind of thing that woke most people up during night, the light start to flash and they tell you to buckle up and prepare for the worst. Besides that I was not sitting very comfortably and kept thinking that there has to be a better way to travel.

This gave me the idea of owning my own private jet (I was dead serious). At that time I was living in a bit of a dream world and did not make feasible expectations for myself. None the less I started looking for a private jet for sale in South Africa and started seeing some prices that shocked me. I mean most jets go for $500 0000 to $1 000 000 and some even a lot more… So back to square one I thought…Besides those high price points I couldn’t find as much jet prices but kept on finding Cessna airplanes (small 2-6 seat airplanes which seem very popular) and a lot of helicopters for sale. I decided to try a different route and instead of looking for private jets for sale I tried finding out what it costs to fly in one.

Private jet charters at that time cost about 10 times what my normal economy class ticket cost me. Looking at it now, I see that you can get a plain chartered for anything from R70000 and up depending on the type of journey I assume. At that point in time reality kicked in and I asked myself how many locations I could travel to for that kind of money. I soon realized that I would not be flying in private jets soon and economy class is the only way to go, at least for now.

Lesson learned: when traveling doesn’t so such a snob, learn to be thankful, patient and enjoy every moment and experience!