New Years at the beach!

I know it’s a bit late, a month to be exact but let me tell you about my new years’ experience! Remember I mentioned that as a kid we would visit the Garden Route, including Mosselbay, Hartenbos, Kleinbrak and all those little beaches over December holidays? Well this year my wishes came true, or actually in 2015, when I visited the same spots for holiday and the best thing was all my old holiday friends were there as well.

It was an unforgettable holiday with things being and happening exactly like they should and how I remembered them. We stayed in Hartenbos most of the time but made a point of if to visit most of the surrounding beaches and enjoy as much of the area as possible. We visited Mosselbay (there are some great restaurants and bars near the docks), Glentana with it’s unforgettable ocean and scary beach and off course Victoria Bay (one of my favorite beaches of all time). During our stay the weather was near perfect (sometimes to perfect) and water was amazing.

However every time I’ve been there for holiday somewhere before the end of the year the question arises: “What are we going to do for New Year’s?” I’ve gotten accustomed to not really caring that much about the date because it felt like if you were planning too much, had high expectations and the night ended badly I would normally be disappointed.

As the end came close and it was the 31st of December we decided to join a bunch of friends at their beach house right on the beach at Bayview (small suburb of Hartenbos). We arrived pretty late, at around 10:00 that night as we had to walk which felt like 1km with a cool box loaded with way too much alcohol. When we arrived we started partying, having fun and at one point I thought the night would end being just another boring new year’s party. However…

While I was too a friend I saw in a distance behind them was something which looked like a slippery slide going down the hill at another house. I asked around if everyone were seeing the same thing just to make sure I didn’t have too much to drink. After the clock struck 12 and all the happy New Year wishes were over I got the group together and told them that we should all go down the slide.

There were already people going down the slide and it looked amazing and a bit scary, but what the heck? Naturally a few friends declined but we decided to go down anyway. It was amazing! The ride was so extreme that one guy broke his foot and my friend almost broke his finger. At the end of the night was went swimming and partied till late that morning…

That’s exactly how your new years should be spend: Having fun with friends, trying something new and making memories!

The most beautiful coast line in South Africa…

Every year I make a point of it not only to go on an overseas trip, if possible, but to visit the garden route. When I’m talking about the Garden Route I’m referring to Hartenbos, Klein Brak, Mosselbay, Victoria Bay, Knysna and more. Since a little kid me and my parents have been visiting this area and ever since I’ve been in love with it’s beauty.


This is a must for every traveler visiting South Africa. Forget about the West Coast or visiting the Drakensberge. Those areas are great but if your looking for real natural beauty and somewhere to enjoy the sand between your toes and catch a few great waves the Garden Route’s the place to be. Every year after visiting I come back home feeling more relaxed than ever. I always ask myself what’s stopping me from moving their permanently but I’m afraid it will lose it’s charm if I’m there to often.

So if your looking for one of the best beach destinations in South Africa do yourself a favor and visit Victoria Bay on a nice sunny day. Vic Bay is about 20 minutes from George which is approximately a 4-5 hour drive from Cape Town. Take a look at this amazing location here: