Hiking through the Knysna bush

Part myth, part legend and 100% breathtaking… Knysna is a place where legend where literally born. Many South African writer have written stories about this area and its greatness. In my previous post I spoke about the Garden Route and how I’ve been visiting it with my family since I was a little kid. Another area down the coast that every person should visit is Knysna.


To be more specific you should go on a 3 day hiking trip in Knysna. If you have an idea how the rain forest looks, this is how Knysna looks. Its one of the most relaxing and beautifull places on and depending on how you pack your backpack it might be the best hike ever.

See what I mean below:

I’m finding it hard to explain the Knysna bush. When I went on the hiking trip I was only 18 years old and things might have been a lot different then. The trip was about 30 km in length and we did it over the period of 2 days. I was a really tough hiking trip as I was inexperienced and didn’t really know how to pack my bags and all the tricks of the trade. None the less it was an amazing experience, one every South African and traveler should experience.