Sharing Our Travel Adventures

Don’t you just love to travel? Unfortunately due to a busy life I didn’t get much opportunity to travel in the past few years but I’ve at least be in a few different countries before. Luckily or unfortunately I have a few friends that are frequent travelers, ranging from Americans to British and even some Chinese. I love traveling and they do as well so we decided to create a travel blog where we can share all our experiences. For the sake of this blog there will be only one writer but in reality there will be a lot of people sharing their stories here. We’re not sure if we’ll be keeping it anonymous or not, probably depends on how hectic the stories will get.

Villa Tuscana Travel Blog

Hopefully everyone will stick to some family friendly travel adventures – I might have to scan through each story before posting it here just to make sure. You never know whose mom or dad might read our travel story and ask who wrote. That could get awkward…

As this is a South African website I told my friends that I’d like to open the blog up with a few posts on South African travel adventures. Please keep in mind that none of us are real writers, we’re just trying this out so if the story isn’t that great please don’t hate us. So here’s what you can expect to come:

  • Epic adventures from Safari’s on game farms in South Africa
  • Flying to the best locations in the worst possible way
  • Climbing to the top of table mountain
  • Visiting one of Cape Town’s top beaches that turned out to be a lot colder than we thought
  • And much more…